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Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

Well, for anyone who knows me, I've been talking about this for so long, even I'm amazed

that I've actually, finally done something about it. 

So many people have asked me - "Why cheese?".  It seems an odd diversion after 40 years in IT.  Well, I can't really answer that one, other than to say maybe it was the formative memories, of gloriously golden cheddar cheese sandwiches in my school lunch or slices of white, creamy Wensleydale topping the thick slabs of Christmas cake (it's a Yorkshire thing!) but I know I've always loved GOOD cheese.

Luckily, I also had a misspent youth, living in several European countries, and working even further afield, I've been fortunate enough to sample cheeses from France to Florida and Canada to Qatar (bet you didn't know you there was Camel cheese!). So I've decided to follow my passion, try to fill a gap in the market, and bring a taste of a proper "fromagerie" to Windsor.

As I said in my Facebook posts, for those who've been following from the start, I'm starting small, but hope to grow both in quantity and range over the coming months.

So, here goes .... I hope to see you soon but don't forget, any questions or requests, I'm all ears.  All the best

Mike Unger (a.k.a. CheeseMunger)